An effect which is spectacular but basically natural.
Some of the surfaces assume shades and colours which vary according to the angle from which they are viewed.
This is an optical effect: iridescence (think iris... rainbow...)
The effect is created by the blending of successive reflections of light on the ultra-thin and semi-transparent layers of the surfaces.
In effect, these surfaces reflect some of the light immediately, and some very slightly later - the part that reaches the subsequent layer.
The two or more beams of reflected light have different frequencies, and interfere with each other, either amplifying or attenuating the perception of certain colours...
This is a phenomenon that can be seen with many natural materials which surround us, from the clouds in the sky... to the wings of a butterfly... from the feathers of a peacock... to the mother-of-pearl in an oyster...
One of the many incredible miracles of nature... of the environment that surrounds us... a truly “special effect”...
And today, available to exacting designers seeking innovative, special solutions.




Collection iris
2 layers
Visible plank 4 +/- 2%
Support: multilayered Birch
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NR Spatula-finish
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NB Spatula-finish
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