Sophisticated interplay of symmetry in a very glamorous mosaic.
A mosaic consisting of a rational weave of lines. Traverso is characterised by three modules of different widths with the grain of the wood running transversely to the plank.
The wood loses the traditional form of the parquet to acquire a completely new elegance. It is ideal for floors and walls and enables attractive combinations of colours to be created.




Collection traverso
2 layers
Visible plank 4 +/- 2%
Support: multilayer Birch
Oak Tweed colours range: walnut, brown, grey and white
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Wall: Oak, Teak, African Doussié (fixed width)Floor: Teak (modulo)
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Teak, Oak (modulo)
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Floor: Wengè (fixed width) Wall: Oak and Wengè (modulo)
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Wengè Teak (modulo + fixed width)
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Wall: Oak, Teak, African Doussiè (fixed width)Floor: Oak (mixed modulo)
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Floor: African Doussiè (modulo)
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Floor: Teak, Oak (modulo)
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